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We act as your school’s marketing department (or supercharge your existing one) so you can get and keep more students than ever before. 

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Don’t starve the one department that exists solely to keep your school running. Instead, supercharge it.

In many ways, the future success of a school falls in the hands of its marketing department. No pressure. Still, in almost every school, marcom directors are pulled in 20 different directions and short on the resources they need to run sophisticated marketing campaigns with the attention they deserve. 

We run sophisticated marketing campaigns with the attention they deserve, and the results speak for themselves.

School Marketing Company

Hired for marketing. Kept for everything.

Many of our clients think they hire us to get their marketing taken care of. In actuality, they hire us to future-proof their school, have resounding peace of mind, and always know they are moving towards the goals we’ve set. 

See, we’re not just another vendor

We prefer to have a different role. We’re more like a strategic partner who sits with you at the table to present and execute solutions to your most challenging school marketing problems. 

Through our process, we leave no stone unturned as we fundamentally strengthen schools in the eyes of prospective families. That’s how to truly move the needle in your enrollment and re-enrollment numbers. 

School Marketing Agency Services

Here’s How We Work

Schedule a business assessment 

We learn about your business & your goals

Through research, we create & execute your company-specific marketing plan

We stay moving towards your goals with frequent routine check ins and communication

Here’s How our Education Marketing Firm Works

Schedule a school marketing assessment 

We learn about your school & your goals

Through research, we create & execute your school-specific marketing plan

We stay moving towards your goals with frequent routine check-ins and communication

Private schools have four options when it comes to their marketing

The problem with this choice is obvious. 

More often than not, this leaves the marketing person overwhelmed and short on the resources needed to get the expected results. Plus, the best marketers don’t work in schools; they work in agencies. 

This option leaves schools in the dark because they don’t know what they don’t know. 

This gives schools what they need to get the results they’re looking for. 

Our clients use words like these to describe their experience with us

Not because we know some mystical marketing secret and not because we’re trading insider information with the big tech companies. But, because we deeply understand the private education industry and the decision-making process families take. 

That experience allows us to speak your language, anticipate your struggles, and multiply your growth through what we learn from our other EDU clients.

How ever you handle your school’s marketing we can make it more efficient and effective. 

We Have An In House Marketing Staff

We interface with them seamlessly to support them through training, workshops, or service execution. 

We Need A Done-For-You Marketing Service

we grow your school through our full-scope, done-for-you services.

Plug in your school wherever you are in your marketing journey

Our clients appreciate our ramp-up approach that starts with laying out a multi-year marketing plan and gradually works to achieve it at your own pace. 

While our knowledge is essential, perhaps equally as important is our goals as a company. Our driving force is to create a joyful experience for you. That is steeped in how we function as a company and backed by our ‘8 ways we build trust’ guarantee.

We’re here to make your school THE choice in the minds of your prospects.

How to Hire a School Marketing Agency

Wondering what to look for in a school marketing company? Check out this post below for a free 10-step checklist that will help you pick the best education marketing agency for your school.

School Marketing is not gambling. 

Marketing is an investment. An investment is made with thoughtful consideration, only when you’ve fully understood the ins and outs, and placed in a way that reduces your risk.

We’re a marketing agency for education that treats your marketing efforts as an investment, not a gamble. That means we understand what makes your school tick, how you’re different from the rest, how to position you, your angle, your target family, their interests, what excites them or disengages them, their concerns and issues, your messaging, & more before we even spend a nickel (or a penny for that matter). 

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The Eight Ways We Build Trust


Money-back guarantee if we can’t improve your results within a reasonable amount of time

You keep ownership of all of your accounts (some agencies create the accounts on your behalf & hold the ransom if you try to leave. Not here Jose.)

You have 24/7 access to your analytics dashboard 

We do frequent and consistent meetings or check-ins 

No long term contracts

All communication answered within 24 hours maximum

You pay ad networks directly so you always know your ad costs 

We are commited to being the thought leader in the private school marketing industry. We host a weekly podcast, have published a book laying out our formula, frequently write, present & teach, and are always doing more to help schools get and keep more students. 

Digital Marketing Agency for Schools

School Marketing has a lot of moving pieces.

In order to do it right, you need a school marketing agency with the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. We help you get and keep more students by managing your marketing investment properly.

Weekly Private School Marketing Strategies & Advice

See why loads of marcom directors, admissions directors, and heads of school chose the Private School Marketing Minute as their go to podcast. 

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