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School Marketing Agency

We act as your school’s marketing department so you can get and keep more students enrolled. 

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Digital Marketing Agency for Schools

Marketing requires testing, research, experience, and most of all, time.

When marketing is done right, it’ll turn your resources into more enrollments. When it’s done wrong, it’ll eat your time, your bank account, and your lunch without even a second thought. That’s why you need a school marketing agency that knows how to put your resources to good use. 

School Marketing Company

We make sure your school is positioned to grow.

What would it mean for your school to finally hit that enrollment goal you’ve had your eye on? How would it feel to focus on the other areas of your school that desperately need your attention? Why shouldn’t you put the right people in place to help you grow? With a school marketing agency, you don’t have to wonder anymore. 

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What We Do Best


Imagine accessing a room full of hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of people who are all actively looking for a solution to their problem at the exact moment that you show up. Sounds like a frenzy right?

Imagine this, you provide the solution that everyone is looking for.

How do you get a ticket to this feeding frenzy? Google Ads. Starting to understand the value of this platform?

Here’s the truth, social ads are cheap and effective. So cheap and so effective that you almost don’t need to know what you’re doing to be semi successful. So, how much cheaper and more effective would they be if they were done right? 

Think about it like this, social media is just a platform to deliver your ads. The real magic of a successful ad campaign happens before anyone even sees the ads. That is where all of your money is made. 

The issue with advertising is that once you stop paying, the ads stop showing, and the customers stop buying.

Everyone knows the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago. Without an SEO strategy, the future of your business might look more like a twig rather than a tree.

Our SEO program is your ticket to generating a consistent flow of traffic, free of charge, for years to come.

Email marketing? Aren’t there sexier options out there? Shouldn’t you be putting your money into a platform that will give you a good story to tell at the next BBQ? Eh, no.

See, it might not be sexy but it works, and it works well.  In fact, for every $1 spent on email marketing it brings in $38!

Our email marketing program gets you the ability to access your customers in a way that feels natural to your business and valuable to your audience.

Every business knows that word of mouth reigns supreme, right?

In the online world that word of mouth comes in the form of reviews. But how important are they? This study shows that 92% of users will use a local business if it has 4+ star rating.

Our Review Genesis program uses proprietary software to automatically send out review requests to your customers via email and sms messaging.

I once tried to diagnose and fix my car that was having strange stalling issues. Long story short, I fixed it. Long story longer, I spent dozens of hours on YouTube, bought and replaced the wrong parts multiple times, and “wasted” days. 

Did I feel accomplished? Yes. Was it worth it at the end of the day? Probably not. 

Naturally, this got me thinking about marketing plans. Marketing has a lot of moving pieces (similar to a car perhaps?) and without a clear plan will surely cause double work (at best). 

We build effective marketing plans that can be executed whenever the time comes. 

School Marketing Agency Services

Digital Marketing Strategies

Sometimes in-house teams can benefit from an outside perspective. We build effective marketing plans that your team can execute


Content Marketing

Content marketing is the cornerstone of any school’s marketing campaign. An effective content marketing strategy will build a moat around your school, insulating it from trends and increasing the effectiveness of all of your marketing.

Here’s How We Work

Schedule a business assessment 

We learn about your business & your goals

Through research, we create & execute your company-specific marketing plan

We stay moving towards your goals with frequent routine check ins and communication

Here’s How our Education Marketing Firm Works

Schedule a school marketing assessment 

We learn about your school & your goals

Through research, we create & execute your school-specific marketing plan

We stay moving towards your goals with frequent routine check-ins and communication

School Marketing is not gambling. 

Marketing is an investment. An investment is made with thoughtful consideration, only when you’ve fully understood the ins and outs, and placed in a way that reduces your risk.

We’re a marketing agency for education that treats your marketing efforts as an investment, not a gamble. That means we understand what makes your school tick, how you’re different from the rest, how to position you, your angle, your target family, their interests, what excites them or disengages them, their concerns and issues, your messaging, & more before we even spend a nickel (or a penny for that matter). 

Digital Marketing West Palm Beach

How We Make Sure You’re Comfortable


Money-back guarantee if we can’t improve your results within a reasonable amount of time

You keep ownership of all of your accounts (some agencies create the accounts on your behalf & hold the ransom if you try to leave. Not here Jose.)

You have 24/7 access to your analytics dashboard 

We do frequent and consistent meetings or check-ins 

No long term contracts

All communication answered within 24 hours maximum

You pay ad networks directly so you always know your ad costs 

Digital Marketing Agency for Schools

School Marketing has a lot of moving pieces.

In order to do it right, you need a school marketing agency with the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. We help you get and keep more students by managing your marketing investment properly.

How to Hire a School Marketing Agency

Wondering what to look for in a school marketing company? Check out this post below for a free 10-step checklist that will help you pick the best education marketing agency for your school.

Every Business is Unique. See How We Can Help Your Specific Business with Your Free Quote.