Your School Stability Scorecard

Will You Keep Thriving When the Waitlist Drys Up? 

Thanks to the dismal handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are pulling their kids out of the public school system and into private schools in record numbers. If you’re a private school, chances are that you have the longest waitlist that you’ve ever had. Times are good for you right now. Great, even and will remain that way until 2024 or so. But, how well prepared are you to make the most out of this boon? Are you building up your store houses to sustain yourselves when things return to normal? This scorecard will gauge your “stability” & give you specific actions that will ensure you will thrive in and after the boon. 

What is Your Average Review Rating on Google & Facebook?(Required)
How Do You Receive Reviews?(Required)
How Many Google Reviews do You Have?(Required)
When People are Looking for What you Offer Online, How Likely are They to Find You?(Required)
How Active is the Blog on Your Site?(Required)
How Confident Are You in Your Website Tracking & Analytics(Required)
How Confident are in Your Systems and Processes?(Required)
Someone Interested in Becoming a Student Can...(Required)
How Are You Using Email Marketing?(Required)
If You Were able to Take on Every Student in Your Waitlist Currently, What Would Happen?(Required)

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