How Much Could Your Marketing Improve? 

Your Marketing Scorecard

Should we be doing more to market to prospective families? Surely someone on staff is keeping an eye on how many website hits we get. Surely, they know what our top pages are and actively update them to improve their efficacy. OF COURSE, we post on social media. Yes, we’re doing a good job. Sure, people can find us on Google…. right?

Are there some areas of opportunity that would increase sales by 2x, 5x, or more if taken advantage of? How many families are choosing the other schools because we’re not doing a good enough job of convincing them that we’re the right choice?

After having dozens of these conversations with confused, stretched-too-thin school leaders and marcom directors we developed this free scorecard to gauge how much room there is for improvement in attracting new students & retaining them for longer.

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