Your SEO Scorecard Results

Below you will find the results key for your scorecard. KEEP IN MIND, the goal of this scorecard is to provide you with a gauge for the amount of opportunity there is to build a moat around your school so you can thrive when the times are good & thrive when the boon ends. We have all of our clients take this assessment as a way to benchmark their current efforts & see how much we can grow them through our process. 

Review your score with our experts

This assessment is a great start, and it’s one that we have all of our clients complete prior to working with us. However, there is only so much value an assessment this general can offer you. If you’re serious about building a LASTING school, book a session with our experts. In it, we’ll review your school, your goals, and how we can reach them while you focus on what you do best. 
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