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Private School Marketing Podcast

The Private School Marketing Minute

The Private School Marketing Minute in a weekly podcast that teaches you how to get and keep more students in ten minutes or less! Presented by the Independent Education Institute and lead by our founder Nick Laiuppa you’ll learn the fundamentals, strategies, and tactics that you need to become a world-class private school marketer.

private school marketing podcast - the private school marketing minute

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A Two-Pronged Approach to Marketing Your School

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, or you’ll shoot your eye out… that’s how that saying goes right? This is the best way to market your school for both short term and long term gain. Basically, it’s how not to shoot your eye out.

Private Schools Shouldn’t Sell Education

Selling services rather than results is a common trap most schools, businesses, and marketers fall into. In today’s show I teach you why selling results (rather than services) is a much better way to go about your marketing.

What Is Good School Marketing?

Contrary to popular belief, marketing is not things you say to make your school more attractive… or is it?

Can You Serve Two Masters? (Students and Parents)

Advertising to two different purchasers is a no go in traditional marketing… but private schools are a bit of a different story. Here’s why.

The Sixth Mass Extinction That Nobody Noticed (And What It Means For Your School)

Salespeople are dead… or are they. This is how we’re sold to every single day without even noticing that its happening, and how you can do it for your prospective families.

If You’re Desperate for Enrollments, It’s Too Late

You cant just ‘turn on’ your marketing and start getting new enrollments, here’s why.

The Covenant School

The Big School In The Little Pond

Being everywhere is bad marketing advice. This is why I think schools are better off focusing their efforts on a few platforms and becoming the big fish in the little pond. Swim big fish school, swim.

What Mixing Music Taught Me About Private School Marketing

The mark of a true professional is refinement. In this episode I’m sharing how my past life as a music engineer (and what I learned about professionally mixing music) influences how I think approach private school marketing.

A Plea to School Leadership

Too often I see school leadership only caring about marketing when re-enrollment time is here or there are seats that need to be filled. Today, I’m reading a short chapter from my upcoming book (which is all about private school marketing… go figure) that speaks to the problem of sacrificing a  marketing scapegoat. 

School Magazines Are Good?

School publications are an untapped resource for many, and I get why. They’re tough to produce, hard to commit to, and even harder to get approval for. Today, I make the case for school publications by giving you three ways to use them (one is a profit generator) and one way to get the leadership team on board. 

The ChatGPT Episode (And Other School Marketing AI Things)

I’m sorry but I had to add to the inescapable nature of ChatGPT and do an episode about it however, unlike most of the news you see I don’t think it will kill private school marketers or Google. Today we’re talking about how AI is just another tool in the marketers belt & why Google will still live on. 

What Private Schools Can Learn From Creators

Its a tried and true method at this point; build an audience and start a brand. Creators do it everyday and celebrities’ have been doing it for ages. I believe that private schools can take a page out of their books & in effect get and keep more students enrolled. Today we explore how. 

What You Need to Know About Google’s Advertising Changes

Increasingly, Google has been stripping control away from advertisers on it’s advertising platform which used to be a bad thing… but now it’s pretty good? Were taking a look at the changes they’ve been making, why they’re important, and what you need to do as an advertiser on the platform.

Word of Mouth, But Make it Digital

Asking for reviews is awkward, but do the benefits outweigh the tensions? We’re looking at why reviews are important for private schools, how to get as many 5 star reviews as possible, and a system that makes it so simple you barely have to think about it. 

How to Upcycle Your Content Into Something Epic

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to be in a perpetual state of creating new social posts, blog posts, email, podcast episodes, and content in general? This is how you can turn the content you’ve already created into something even more epic. 

Marketing From the 80’s That Works Today

I’ve said it before and I say it here again, most of the best advertising strategies were figured out ages ago. In today’s show I teach you how turning your content into advertisements worked in the 1980’s and is still working today. 

What Kevin Costner Can Teach You About Marketing Your Private School

Thanks to the Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams we get the modified quote “if you build it they will come”. Today we unpack how this methodology has been costly for some businesses, how it can be dangerous for private schools, and how to ensure you don’t build something that no one comes to. 

How to Write Endless Amounts of Effective Ad Copy or Web Copy

As school marketers, we can get burnt out on new ideas and angles for our ads and our website copy. This is a formula that I use every day to kick burnout where it hurts and come up with new copy on demand. 

The 80/20 Rule of Private School Advertising

You may have heard about the 80/20 rule and how it applies in a bunch of different scenarios in our lives. But, have you ever heard it applied to marketing? In this show we explore a concept outlined in Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Sales and Marketing Book, how 20% of your marketing is bringing in 80% of your results. 

This is What All of Your Advertising Should Be Doing

It has been said that the number one job of advertisers is to be creative. I think that’s a fallacy. I think the number one job of advertisers is to get the message across as clearly as possible. Today’s episode explores why that is the case, how to do it, and why it’s important in your private school marketing. 

School Marketing Fundamentals – How to Market to the Right People Every Single Time

Today we’re finishing up the Private School Marketing Fundamentals series that I’ve been doing for the last 3 episodes with today’s episode being all about how to make your marketing extremely effective by only marketing to the right people. This concept is the most important one if you are currently running paid advertising to get or retain students so if that’s you don’t miss today’s show. 

School Marketing Fundamentals – Proving Your School is the Right Choice

Part 3 of our private school marketing fundamentals series is all about creating and finding proof that you’re school is the right choice for your prospects. This is how you slap five pounds worth of proof into their hands and the effect that can have on your enrollment and retention. 

School Marketing Fundamentals – Why Marketing for Schools is Different and How to Use those Differences to Your Advantage

Part 2 of our private school marketing fundamentals series is all about marketing for considered purchase products, i.e. schools. This is how you stay at the top of your prospects consideration list until they are ready to make a decision for education. 

School Marketing Fundamentals – Finding Your Tilt

We’re kicking off a new series all about school marketing fundamentals. In it, I plan on teaching you the handful of marketing strategies that will actually make a difference in your school. Today, we’re talking about finding your tilt and how having one will make all of your marketing more effective and efficient. 

How to Write Emails That Your Subscribers Basically Beg For

In today’s show I teach you the fundamentals of turning run of the mill marketing emails into stories that your audience will read and connect with EVEN THOUGH they KNOW you’re trying to sell them something. If your private school is using email marketing, this is how you can take it to the next level. 

Trends in Private School Marketing and Predications for 2023 & Beyond

In this episode I’m taking  a look at the great research that Niche put together in their 2022 PK-12 Enrollment and Marketing study and discussing some of the current and future trends that I think could be emerging for private school marketing in the near future. 

Don’t Give Social Media the Keys to Your School

By building an audience ONLY on social media channels, I’m proposing that your private school is walking on a slippery slope. Today, we’re talking about why this is dangerous, why it’s important to own your audience, and how to do it. 

How to Truly Turn More of Your Website Visitors into Prospects and Customers

Truly I tell you this is how you turn more of your website visitors into enrolled members of your private school. In my opinion this is one of the highest ROI types of marketing that you can do for your school. This week I show you how to use split testing to get the most out of the traffic you’re already receiving and essentially find more free money.  

Every School is Saying the Same Thing (How to Stand Out)

Inspired by a couple of my friends and colleagues – David Willows and Will Patch – today we’re talking about why every school is using the same boring, mundane language in their website and marketing materials and how to break that up and write words that move your audience closer to enrolling in your school. 

How to Get Prospective Families to Pay Attention to Your Marketing

Storytelling in marketing is a term that is so overused and washed out that people hardly know what it actually looks like, let alone why it works. In today’s episode, I teach you why you should package your school’s benefits and offers into a story using a real-world example so you know exactly what it looks like. 

This is What All of Your Marketing Should be Doing 

In today’s show, we’re going to talk about what ALL of your marketing material should be doing. I hope to put your mind at ease a bit and reduce some of the overwhelm that we all feel as school marketers by giving you a simple understanding and structure for the grand idea that is marketing. 

What Private Schools Can Learn From Streaming Services

In this episode of The Private School Marketing Minute, I aim to draw on the similarities between what private and public education can do for their students and families and how that relates to free vs. paid media. Then I’ll try to convince you to take a page out of the books of these paid media platforms so you can use their strategies to get and keep students enrolled. 

The Cheapest Way to Increase Student Retention

Hey! Today we’re talking about remarketing and retargeting advertising for increasing your student retention rates. Yes, paying money to have your current students and families can see more information about you. On the surface, this sounds like a waste of money. My goal in this episode is to show you the wealth of opportunity that is available if this is done correctly. You’ll learn why it’s important, how to do it, and what to use for your advertisements all in todays show. 

Direct Mail Marketing for Increasing Student Retention

Direct mail marketing is a dead artform… that’s good news for you. It means that it’s a platform begging to be used the right way. Today I’m teaching you how to do direct mail marketing the right way so you not only stand out but you strengthen the relationship between your school and your families. 

Increase Student Retention with Email Marketing

Contrary to what you heard your coworker who isn’t a professional marketer talk about, email marketing is not dead. In fact, it’s very much alive. 99% of email users check their email every single day. THAT’S A LOT. In today’s show, I’m teaching you how to use email marketing to build deeper relationships with your families through content creation & email marketing. 

Student Retention In a Shaky Economy

Student retention for private schools is more important now than it has been in a decade. With the current state of the economy the time to run a full fledged student retention program is now. In this episode I’ll make the case for inverting your spending from getting new students to keeping your current ones enrolled. I hope this show will be helpful to you. Let’s continue the conversation on social media. DM me on of the platforms below I’d love to hear how you are dealing with the economy, what student retention programs you are currently running, and or how this episode helped you get started. 

Private Schools and Social Media – The Time is Now

We all know that social media is important for private schools. In today’s episode, I’m looking at it differently and discussing why now might be the best time for your private school to get on social media. I’ll also show you how you can create high-volume content without feeling overwhelmed.

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