Marketing Fundamentals: How to Market to the Right People Every Single Time

Today we’re finishing up the Private School Marketing Fundamentals series that I’ve been doing for the last 3 posts with today’s post being all about how to make your marketing extremely effective by only marketing to the right people. This concept is the most important one if you are currently running paid advertising to get or retain students.

Don’t Give Social Media the Keys to Your School

By building an audience ONLY on social media channels, I’m proposing that your private school is walking on a slippery slope. Today, we’re talking about why this is dangerous, why it’s important to own your audience, and how to do it.

Public Facing Facebook Groups for Private Schools

facebook groups for school - nick laiuppa marketing

By only using Facebook Groups for your currently enrolled families you’re leaving too much opportunity on the table. In this post we explore how you can use Facebook Groups to build and grow an audience of prospects interested in what your school offers.

Remarketing Advertising for Schools

Okay, so we’ve talked about email marketing and direct mail marketing for increasing student retention. Today we’re going to talk about running remarketing ads. You might think, “Why would I advertise to my current families” to which I would remind you that it is 7 times more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to retain a current one.