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Below you will find the results key for your scorecard. KEEP IN MIND, this assessment is not meant to judge the effectiveness of the types of marketing and advertising that you are currently doing. That can only be done with a personal assessment of your business which you can request here. Rather, the goal of this scorecard is to provide you with a gauge for the amount of opportunity there is to grow your business through marketing and advertising. We have all of our clients take this assessment as a way to benchmark their current business & see how much we can grow them through our process. 


Congratulations! You’re doing just about everything the right way. You keep an eye on your website data & you actively make informed decisions based on what that data tells you. You’ve been doing a great job getting reviews & you have a process that makes it simple to continue to get more reviews. You’ve got your advertising buttoned up. When your potential customers are looking for you, they find you and they pretty much decide to work with you every single time. Businesses with an “A” score are usually doing a great job with most marketing & advertising aspects of their business. Usually, we find that we can help “A” businesses with tweaking their strategy or their funnel to generate MORE results out of what they are already doing. Usually, “A” businesses can expect a 2x growth when working with us. 


You’re doing pretty good! “B” businesses will have most of the important pieces of the puzzle working in some capacity, but there is usually room to grow in each of them. These businesses often find it hard to break through to the next level. They are always doing good and don’t experience much “uncertainty” in their business, which makes it tough for them to commit to doing what it takes to become an “A” business. To put it another way, they’re comfortable. Hey, nothing wrong with being comfortable. But, we often find that “B” businesses see some of the quickest improvements when we work with them because we’re able to take advantage of what they’ve already built. It’s not unusual to see 5x growth after implementing our plan with these businesses. 


“C” businesses usually need help, and they know it. But, this can be a good thing. It’s better to know that you need help than to not right? They often have one or two of the right marketing pieces in place but are in need of some hefty assistance to get the rest of the puzzle together. “C” businesses can see massive improvements, usually 10x – 15x if the right pieces are put in place. A word of caution though, Most of the time there are some foundational pieces that need to be put in place FIRST. This means that it’s not as simple as running a Google campaign and boom, we’re bringing in leads. Be prepared to make some changes to the way that your businesses is presented & the way you’re doing things. 


If you scored a “D” then there is undoubtedly room for improvement. Keep in mind that this score does not reflect the actual success of your business, but rather how well you are using digital marketing & advertising platforms and strategies. Most strong businesses that score a “D” have found success outside of the digital world. They often have built great word-of-mouth business and a strong network. If this is you, then your business can achieve some huge gains by using our processes. It’s not uncommon to see 15x+ growth in these situations. 


An “F” does not mean that your business is failing or that you’re doomed. Rather, it means that you most likely are making no use of any of the digital marketing & advertising strategies and platforms that are available. If your business is successful then you’ve likely built a strong network & nurture relationships that bring you, steady customers. On the other hand, fledgling businesses also often score an “F” on this assessment because they have yet to explore these areas given their age. If taken advantage of our processes can 50x or even 100x businesses that fall within this score. 

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This assessment is a great start, and it’s one that we have all of our clients complete prior to working with us. However, there is only so much value an assessment this general can offer you. If you’re serious about getting your marketing done right, book a session with our experts. In it, we’ll review your business, your goals, and how we can reach them while you focus on what you do best. 

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