Selling Education: The Definitive Formula For Private School Growth And Retention – Digital Version




Private school marketing departments have a never-ending list of tasks that all needed to get done last week. Post on social… update the website… send out the parent satisfaction survey… honestly, it seems to never end. This is a problem and a big mistake. How can school leadership place the literal future success of the school in the hands of an overworked team (or often a one-man band) and expect them to do it with a level of precision and expertise that demands undivided attention? Even worse, how can leadership expect the school to grow without having a dedicated marketing person on staff whatsoever?! It seems a bit unreasonable. This book aims to maximize the marketing department’s (or person’s) efforts through a ‘grow as you go’ approach to marketing that eventually leads to your school at the top of your prospect’s consideration list every single time.  

Encapsulated within this book are priceless strategies for:

  • Differentiating your school
  • Creating an unshakeable marketing foundation 
  • Writing web & ad copy that demands action
  • Generating more reviews than you ever have (with less work than you’ve ever done)
  • Showing up when and where your prospects are looking
  • Using paid advertising to your advantage
  • Getting leads for free (forever) with Search Engine Optimization 
  • Doing social media THE RIGHT WAY
  • Creating a marketing flywheel that feeds itself
  • Getting more out of your marketing with split testing
  • Breaking through the noise with direct mail marketing
  • Attracting the right fit families like a magnet 
  • Getting and keeping students with email marketing
  • Proving you’re worth the price of tuition
  • Putting all of these pieces together
  • And much, much more. 


Now, podcast host and private school marketing agency owner Nicholas LaIuppa, distill’s his eight years of marketing experience into a simple formula that any private school can use to get and keep more students.